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How's Your Physical Bank Account?

January 2013


In the 1990's, A study was conducted on aging adults who lived in the Seattle area. Fairly healthy people with an average age of 75 years were divided into two groups. One group continued with normal life activities and the other group added regular exercise at a fitness center. They regularly performed aerobic and strength exercises for several months.


What did the researchers find? Two years after the exercise group stopped exercising, they were compared to the group that did not exercise. Those in the non-exercise group suffered more falls and also visited their doctors and other health professionals more often. The non-exercisers had longer and more costly hospital stays than those in the exercise group. So what did the researchers conclude? Even if people are fairly healthy to begin with, exercise lowers the risk of falls, improves health, and helps one recover from illness and surgery more quickly.


So follow Bob's example and prepare! You may never need it, but a stronger, more fit body will help you bounce back if/when the rain comes.


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