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Suzy's Corner: Why Welcamp

January 2013

Welcamp, which is a franchise business, is only available to those in long-term care, assisted living or older adult housing. The fitness club offers safe, evidence-based programming, so residents can experience a significant improvement in strength. Our vision is to change lives through exercise and instill a feeling of hope and empowerment.

The word Welcamp comes from the words wellness and campus. Our logo is a heart symbol, surrounded by light and energy, which reflects the approach we take with each member. At Welcamp, everything we do radiates with our commitment to care for the wellbeing of our members. We believe they deserve energy and serenity to live a vital life—derived from both exercise and community offered within Welcamp.


Carolyn Bishop is the first Welcamp fitness coach in Pleasant Seasons. She has her degree in exercise science and comes to us with experience working in a large start-up fitness center in Alabama. It is her job to customize workouts and offer guidance and supervision. She is already motivating residents to join Welcamp. One of the first members on the list happens to be a 97 year-old woman, who was waiting at 9 a.m. for the doors to open. We are so encouraged by the positive response and we will be even more encouraged when residents start noticing life-changing results.


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