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Inspiration: Member Success Stories

October 2012

Fred Zamberletti

Welcyon was a game changer for former Minnesota Vikings trainer Fred Zamberletti, 80. The longtime consultant and historian of the Vikes has only missed one game since 1961. He joined Welcyon in July because he was having trouble walking and fell down several times. "I knew I'd be traveling with the Vikings this year. I had to get my strength back," Fred says. "We have equipment at the Vikings, big rooms of it, but that just wasn't going to do it for me." Fred says he's made a lot of progress at Welcyon over the past few months. For example, he's seen more than 100 percent improvement on the leg extension. "My circulation in my legs is better, it's easier to get in and out of bed and also walk up and down stairs." Fred's game plan includes regular workouts at Welcyon and more Vikings games! "I'll keep going as long as I can."


Suzy's Corner: Continued Growth

October 2012

Busy, busy, busy...that's how I'd describe the past two months here at Welcyon. Not only did we open our first franchise in Sioux Falls, but we signed the agreement for three additional franchise locations in the Twin Cities. On top of that, some staff members were promoted and we hired an award-winning marketing expert to round out our corporate team.


I felt an overwhelming sense of pride when the Sioux Falls Welcyon opened its doors for business in early September. Mark Richards, Marilyn Birkelo and I had the privilege of training their new fitness coaches and experiencing the leadership of owners Jesse and Cori Reisch. Within weeks of their grand opening, I started hearing amazing success stories. One member reported a significant improvement in her chronic shoulder, neck and back pain. Another person with severe leg cramps was finally able to sleep through the night. And yet another member says her back spasms went away after working out at Welcyon.


I'm looking forward to even more positive stories when we increase our presence in the Twin Cities. We are so blessed and fortunate to have found Brian and Diane Raehsler. They both have impressive professional backgrounds along with a strong desire to help others. The couple will own three Welcyon clubs; the first one will open in Woodbury in January.


I'm pleased to announce that our corporate team is getting stronger. We recently hired Bill Rodriguez as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. He is recognized for playing a key role in the growth of some of Minnesota's most respected brands, including Snap Fitness, HealthPartners, Lifetouch, Minnesota Twins, Nordic Track and the local United Way. He comes to us with a great passion for improving health and fitness.


Finally, we have shifted some positions. Marilyn Birkelo has stepped into the role of Director of Franchise Support while Gail Bolger was promoted to Corporate Club Manager.


With all of this excitement, I want you to know that we are still focused on you, the customer. Our fitness coaches continue to offer world-class customer service and we are committed to helping you achieve real results.


Wimpy or Solid Handshake: How Strong is Your Grip?!

October 2012

Welcyon now offers grip strength testing. Why? Grip strength is a reflection of the strength of muscles throughout your body. If a person is weak, generally, it is a reflection of decreased physical activity, either from poor lifestyle habits or the result of serious disease or illness. Research also shows that grip strength can predict a number of important things including how strong (or weak) someone is years later in life, the ability to perform activities of daily living, and the risk of becoming disabled.


The grip strength test is quick and easy to do. Your fitness coach will ask you to squeeze a device as hard as you can, 3 times, with your dominant and non-dominant hands. Your strength scores are then compared to people of your gender and age. If you have a weak grip, then you have a great opportunity to improve your strength and fitness level via the Welcyon way. If you are strong, use your Welcyon membership to make sure you maintain your strength. Squeeze away!


Franchise News

October 2012

Welcyon Sioux Falls Opens

It's official: Welcyon's first franchise is up and running in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Owners Jesse and Cori Reisch held their grand opening in early September. A big crowd, including members of the Chamber of Commerce, gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Company owner, Suzy Boerboom and Director of Franchise Support, Marilyn Birkelo helped with member orientations and workouts.


Welcyon to Expand in the Twin Cities

We are thrilled to announce that Brian and Diane Raehsler have signed an agreement to open three Welcyon franchises in the east metro area. Woodbury will be the first location and the plan is to open the club in January.


Inspiration: Member Success Stories

July 2012

Brenda Knutson

She’s known as the jam lady and was a favorite at the Welcyon craft fair. Making jam is a labor of love for Brenda Knutson, 57, but she has multiple sclerosis and daily tasks can be exhausting. “MS is an energy zapper. Since I’ve been coming to Welcyon, I have more stamina for day to day activities. I’ve found that I have more energy to make jam, especially the clean-up part,” Brenda says. And when it came time to renew her membership in Edina, Brenda didn’t think twice about the decision. “I feel rejuvenated after I work out. I’m not going to stop doing this. It’s a lifeline.”

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